Get set…Go!!!! 準備…起跑!!!!


These materials and tools are used for the following steps for making red packets.  I still consider if I will demonstrate how I make the red packets in coming Feb…

I want to voice-over the video  because I will get distracted if I speak impromptu.  I am figuring how to make it…



這是用作做紅封包主體的紙張,今年會做50個……足夠做至我悶死!!!哈!哈!  紙張巳燙凸上我家的姓氏—鄧(其英文拼音正是"堂"的普通話拼音,現在明白我部落格名的由來吧!在廣東話而言,"手作堂"就是學習手工藝的課堂。OK?)不要誤會,我不是導師,在此我只作興趣交流及分享,我部落的取名只是用諧音鬧着玩罷了。   😉

These papers are for the main bodies of the red packets.  I am going to make 50 units this year…It is enough to make me bored to death.  LOL!!!

My husband’s surname , Tang, was heat-embossed onto them.  Tang is the pinyin of Mandarin for " Hall with specific purpose".  This Hall is specifically for crafting.  In Cantonese, my mother tongue, “手作堂" means class for crafting.  Don’t misunderstand!!! I am not tutor.  I just play the euphony.   😉

對「Get set…Go!!!! 準備…起跑!!!!」的一則回應

  1. I love your blog and of course your crafts are amazing. I am happy to be a recipient of some of them. Take care my dear friend!


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