Oh!!! Called off…What a disappointment!!! 噢! 取消了…真失望呢!


It is raining heavily.  Forecasted by Observatory, tomorrow will be more severe with thunderstorm as well.  We couldnot but call off a hiking with my hubby’s subordinates.  What a disappointment!!!   I am planning to spend a few hours for carrying on the “Red Packets Making” instead.

外面下着滂沱大雨。據天文台預測, 明天還會有雷暴。我們不得巳取消與我丈夫下屬一起的遠足活動,真失望!!!  取而代之, 我打算明天留在家中繼續 “做紅封包” 。


Since the whole process is composed of multiple tasks and I will do each task bit by bit each time, unlike last year, this big project is supposed to last until the mid of April or later. 

由於整個過程由無數的工序組成,與上年不同,我每次只做一個工序,所以這個 “大工程” 將至少持續至4月中。


Actually, most gurus don’t recommend these styles including that I made last year for making in bulk.  They are too complicated and time-consuming.  But I want to give surprise and joy to my recipients.  I am more than willing to make these styles in bulk.  For those who cannot afford time to making cards of such styles in bulk, I think one or two of these styles can make your beloved ones spoilt. 


其實,大多數的達人均不建議用此等工序複雜及費時的款式作大量製作之用,但我很想帶給收紅封者驚喜,我絕對願意大量製作此款式。對於那些由於時間關係,不可大量製作此類款式者, 我想只做一兩個給至親至愛, 已足以 “寵壞” 他們呢!P1020148

Magnifying Look of Heat-embossing. You can see the sentiment is bulging out after heat-setting.




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