Designer’s Phone Number 設計師的電話號碼

Antony's Card 1

I have ever told some of my friends about this incident, but it is the first time for them to know the look of the card. Yes, if I got crazy,I would definitely post this incident on newspaper headline as well.    LOL…

I hope for those who knew the incident will not get disappointed after seeing the card! Yes, that’s it.  This card made me proud!




I made this Farewell Card for my hubby’s another ex-colleague.  According to the description of my hubby, he always dress in chic and trendy style after work.  As usual, I made this card accordingly.  Since both my hubby and him are very busy during work, my hubby couldn’t give him the card personally.  But he took out his phone rather had they met in a meeting




“It seems great!!! I also want to give some to my friends.  Tell me the designer’s phone number!"




We didn’t want to do any business in my hubby’s working place, my hubby couldn’t but reply…




“It was tailormade for you."




“Yes, I knew it.  Does it cost US$80?"




“It was homemade.:)"




After getting to know it, I was on cloud nine!  Yes, I was glad to know that the card was his cup of tea.  On top of it, I didn’t expect that my card could cost that much since I was not famous.  (As far as I know, those detailed card made by regular crafters costs around US$11.)  Anyway, I still do not have intention to sell my works because of it.  I think it is only an exceptional case.  




p.s. What impressed him much were the military badges bought in Russian and the way of assembling his name. 


備注:最打動那舊同事的,是咭上用上購自俄羅 斯的勳章及整合他名字的方法。


Anyway, thanks for his appreciation!!!!



Antony's card 2


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