Schizophrenic 精神分裂

Wilson's card

After being a woman for thousands years, lol … I am sure that I am 100% woman.  BUT, I am very interested in making masculine cards, especially for those seem ambitious and grand. The birthday card shown in the picture was made for an ex-colleague of my hubby.  In most cases, I usually ask character, favourites, hobbies and the like of the recipient in order to TAILOR MADE a card which can suit the recipient the most.  Believe it or not, I put myself in the recipients’ own shoes whenever I make a card for them. As such, I imagine what I would like if I were the recipient.  Once I ever made one feminine card and one masculine card in one go within a very short period of time that I got a sense of schizophrenia.  lol…

做了多年女人,我已絕對肯定我是100%女人。我很喜歡造男生咭,尤其是那些看似很利害的。圖中展示的生日咭,是我造給丈夫舊同事的。在多數的情況下,我都會先問問收咭者的性格,嗜好及偏愛等等,以幫助我為其度身訂造一張(我希望)最合其心意的咭。信不信由你! 每當造咭,我都會代入收咭者的身份。換句話說,我會想像:如果我是收咭者,我會喜歡甚麽呢? 我曾需於很短時間之內, 一氣完成兩張分別給一男一女的咭, 當時真有患上精神分裂症的感覺!XD…

According to the description of my hubby, his ex-colleage loves vogue, high-end , flashy and extravagant stuff with flamboyant colours and styles.  Great!!! I can use those foils with lesser usable colours.( Among  a package with various colours, there should be some that are not our favourites…)   To be honest , I was really hesitated to use those colours for anyone , let alone males.  But my hubby was sure his ex-colleage would like those colours.  The ‘W’ at the right top corner of the card cover, is the recipient’s initial, I added it for the sense of exclusiveness.

根據我丈夫的描述, 他的舊同事極愛趨時、高檔、耀眼、侈奢及帶有浮誇色彩和設計的物品。太好了 !  我可以用用那些很少被用到的顏色鋁片了。〈在多色套裝中,必有一些我們少用或不愛用的……〉坦白說,不要說給男性,我本來很猶疑給任何人用那些顏色。但我丈夫卻很肯定他舊同事會喜歡那些顏色。為了加入「獨家尊有」的感覺,我在咭面右上角加上收咭者英文名字字首—「W」。

Did he like the card finally?  I don’t know indeed.   I don’t know how western counterparts usually react, most Asian males are very reserved in expressing their feeling.  Like my hubby, he usually says’ QUITE good’ while he rates my cards 97%-99%.  lol…Therefore, I have to enjoy the process, rather than the responses of the recipients.  As the matter of fact, I don’t have much chance to know their responses at first hand.

最後他喜歡此咭嗎?我並不知道。我不清楚西方男士通常有甚麼反應,大部份亞洲男士在表達情感方面,都很含蓄的。例如:我丈夫即使給我的作品打97%-99%,他的評語都是 好而已。哈哈!所以,我一定要懂得享受過程多於收咭者的反應。其實,我可以以第一身知道收咭者反應的機會並不多。

Inside of the Card