Thank you, Gentleman! 感謝您,紳士!

Mas Card Music

This one is definitely a gentleman, in terms of his character and his hobbies.  However, he also has an aspect of energetics. By viewing this thank you card, it is easy for you to guess what his hobbies are. 


Masculine Thank you Card that hasn’t been Sent 未寄出的男士感謝咭

Mas card present

We were just acquaintances and I just knew his occupation.  He did help me much on an important matter.  However, my gratitude hasn’t been successively given to him finally.  What a shame!!!



Without knowing him, the only matter which can relate to him was his occupation.  Therefore, I made this thank you card in neutral and gentleman look.  I think no matter what character you have, you will accept this card.

對他不認識,唯一跟他有關連的是他的職業。所以,我便把此咭造得比較中性及紳士一點 。我想不論性格如何,都會接受此咭