Recommendable Websites and Blogs for Cardmaking 推薦造卡網站及部落格

Recently , some crafty friends asked me if there are any recommendable websites or blogs for cardmaking.  Sure, I have been teaching myself making cards by viewing blogs and websites , as well

as taking online classes.  But I think different people have different tastes on aesthetics.  I hope the ones

recommended are what you like as well.


As for me, the lime doodle and the online card classes are the most I like.

對於我来説,lime doodle 和 online card classes 是我最喜歡的。

In these websites and blogs , you can also get to know the terms used in cardmaking field that you can use these terms and search the related tutorial videos on Youtube.


One of the blogs from which I get information 獲取資料的其中一個部落格

I get to know one of my favourite stamps there — Butter and Jam Handmade ( a blog managed by a Hong Kong lady) .  We (Hong Kongers)can order Stampin Up products there monthly.



The blogger of this blog who is dedicated to promoting and introducing  scrapbooking and cardmaking in Hong Kong ,has been spending much time on writing posts introducing this brand.



I think every brand has its own strength and weakness, Stampin Up is no exceptional.   But I love the images of its stamps much that I already own many of this brand.  In fact, the problem can be solved by a bit of modification, so its weakness is anything but  nuisance for me.   Recently, I ordered cardstocks of various hues from this brand. To be honest, the cardstocks of this brand are expensive that I still keep those  intact.  Anyway, I will test them soon and will share the review here.  Stay tuned!!!



我從這部落格認識我其中一個愛用的印章品牌—Stampin Up。Butter and Jam Handmade 是由一位居港的女士主持。每月我們(香港人)可於此部落格訂購Stampin UP.






我想每個品牌都有它的優點及缺點,Stampin Up 也絕不例外。但我實在愛死此品牌印章印出來的圖像,我已擁有很多此品牌的。其實,只需少少改動便可解決問題,那缺點絕不困擾我。最近,我訂了此品牌的多色紙套裝。說實的,此品牌的紙的確是貴點,所以我還未捨得用。無論如何,我將很快試用它們並會在此寫上試用文,有興趣者便跟着瞧啦!

Butter and Jam Handmade

Punch方面,Stampin Up無論大小的punch,都全面採用最新的摺合式把手,

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