What scores 100% is not my work, is today’s humidity.  What a shame!!!  Yes, it is not uncommon for the humidity to reach 100% in Spring in Hong Kong.  Those papers exposing in air get saturated with water.  It is really not a good season for doing papercraft.


 But there is much ideas of making red packets for coming years and cards for mid autumn festivals, as well as package making for coming Christmas in my mind.  It is really a great temptation for me to make those prototypes under this unfavorable season.   What will I decide to do?  Stay tuned!!!

達到100%的不是我的製成品,而是今天的相對濕度,真可惜!!! 對,在香港的春天, 濕度要達至100%並不是不常見的。那些暴露於空氣中的紙張都巳被水份飽和至全濕了,真是一個不適合玩紙藝的季節。


但在這不適合玩紙藝的季節下,我腦中卻有很多來年紅封包, 今年的中秋賀咭及今年聖誕禮物包裝的念頭,真是很大誘惑。我將有何決定? 瞧着看啦!!!!