Cooking = Craft? 烹飪=手工藝?


Yes, I regard cooking as craft. By cooking, we transform the ingredients into dishes. Not being good at it, I still love cooking. I have ever learnt handmaking bread from powder, so I fully understand how complicated the whole process is. (I paid much effort on kneading and folding because what I learnt was old school. After taking an online class recently, I realized that it doesn’t need much handling of the dough in new school. I have still not finished watching the online class, maybe more new knowledge, for me only, will be found. )

Recently, my hubby bought me a new electrical bread maker and a mini oven( comparatively) because he knows that I like cooking as well. After doing research online, we finally bought “Zojirushi”. The outcome was unexpectedly good. (We have ever heard that the crust was too crunchy while the content in-between was too tough. The only part which was as soft as a bread was the core. In a nutshell, the performance of the first generation was not satisfactory when the bread maker was newly launched 20 years ago.) Now, the latest generation is really good. The difference between the handmade and the machine-made is minimal. I really love the new breadmaker. I am wondering if it will demotivate me from hand making bread…


對! 烹飪是把材料轉化為菜餚。我视烹飪為手作。我雖然不精於此道,卻很喜歡做飯。我曾學過手做麵飽,所以很明白其過程之複雜。〈之前學過的原來是舊法,所以在搓麵團時,我花了很大的力氣,真是累死人!最近上過一個網上課程後,才知道少揉揑麵團才是最新流行的方法。我還未看畢課程,可能以後還會發現更多新知《對我而語》〉


p.s. 後記:用過麵飽機幾個月後發現,其實用它造麵團比手造的及我最近買入的廚師機造的欠筋性,麵包放涼後會非常靭,靱到咬不開⋯⋯所以,麵包機造的麵包只適合熱食.如以方便而論,麵包機是很方便的.(據知,其他品牌還附有配料漕,葡萄乾或乾果等放入漕中,配料便會自動依時混入攪拌中的麵團中;但約以機身大小,象印就真是較細小慳位啦!

Update: After using the bread maker for a couple of months, I realize the dough made by the kitchen machine give rise to bread that is much more chewy compared with the bread maker.The bread maker produce bread that become hard after cooling, making them only good if consumed warm.If you only count convenience, the bread maker is supreme. (Some other brands are equipped with compartments for dried fruit, nuts so that these additives can be automatically added in when appropriate during the process. The size of Zojirushi brand is the best if you consider slimness of the gadget.