My Goodies 我的寶貝





Last weekend, I went to the ‘Crafty Street’ again. I suppose that the goodies sold there should be cheap because it is located at old region. However, as the crafty trend is on the rage, rent and cost of living is on the rise, it is inevitable that the price of crafty materials is soaring.
Comparing to other regions, those sold at this old region are cheaper. But they are still expensive in terms of beauty and quality. Those elegant ones shown above were sold at US$0.65-0.8 per piece. ( For easy understanding, I convert the price into US Dollars. Monetary unit in Hong Kong is Hong Kong Dollars.) You can imagine how tough the crafty industry with this high cost of materials. There are a few shops which sell the materials at cheaper price for attracting customers, like those shown below sold at US$0.065-0.12 per piece. But most of them are actually the leftover from factories. Stock ends when last sold. Therefore, I usually buy 40-50 pieces in one go ( It is the usual amount I make in bulk) whenever I hit my favourites, especially for those with Chinese theme. Whenever I hit the ones which I suppose I don’t use them often but they are cute and novel, I will buy 2-5 pieces.
You can imagine, my apartment becomes a warehouse with this shopping habit , especially I have numerous hobbies. It is actually a commonplace for most crafters. By the way, the jaw of the mini spanner shown below is movable. So cute! The rectangular plates are mini Chinese abacuses. The ones with fancy sculptures are Chinese locks.