Please end!!! 請快完結吧!!!








I finally finished making Red Packets for 2014. P1020198 How about the foggy spring? 


Unlike westerners, I don’t like Spring.  As I told you before, Spring is extremely foggy and the climate is changeable that we get sick easily in this season.  My hubby gets cold again because he didn’t wear enough when he got out yesterday night.


As I mentioned before, Spring is not an optimal season for papercraft.  So I only practised colouring and read craft books in place of cardmaking .   I haven’t drawn for long time.

Without professional training, I have to pick up the capability of drawing by reading books and frequent practices.  To be honest, I am not satisfied with the end product of my practices.  But I believe in: Practices make Perfect!!!!

I will keep on…I will let you witness my improvement in this blog.  Please be my cheerleaders!!!